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Rui Aziz is a Kamancha player who performs and composes modal and microtonal music. Most of his repertoire depends on Turkish Maqam, Turkish Folk, Azeri Mugham, Azeri Folk, Persian Dastgah, Persian traditional, and Ethnic Jazz music. He also plays Setar and Persian Tanbour with singing in Turkish, Azeri, and Persian languages. He started his music career in early adolescence with the inspiration of Tanbour player Seyyed Khalil Alinejad and Tar master Reza Lotfi. He learned to play tanbour and setar by himself. Then, one day Aziz met with kamancha master Arslan Hazreti and became one of his best students. To improve kamancha technique and knowledge in Mugham tradition he also took master classes from kamancha master Saeid Mirzazadeh. In order to perform in Turkish Classical music, he worked with Neyzen Melih Berse. Then met with Kanun virtuoso Bekir Reha Sağbaş and took master classes from him such as; composition, maqam theory, performing in microtonal music, and history of Turkish Classical Music. 


Rui Aziz has born in 1996 in Turkey. Finished his high school in Kayseri. He studied Psychology in İstanbul Şehir Üniversitesi. Currently, He is studying the ''Behavior, Neurobiology, and Cognition'' master program at Vienna University.

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Biography: Biyografi
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